Pregnancy Massage

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Experiencing your body go through pregnancy is an amazing experience.  Each day, you experience something new as a tiny human being grows bigger each day inside of you.  As your body shifts to support your growing baby you can notice different aches and pains starting to arise.  Many of these are common with pregnancy and quite normal. Soon to be moms can experience low to mid back pain, pregnancy sciatica, hip discomfort, swelling and edema in the legs common in the third trimester, and stress and exhaustion from restless sleeps. Thankfully, massage when performed safely may be able to help relieve these common discomforts.

I provide the option to lay safety on your pregnant belly with the use of pregnancy pillows, designed with a hole that can be adjusted to fit your growing belly throughout your pregnancy so that you feel secure and comfortable.  The pregnancy cushions also have spots for your breasts that may become tender to lay on while pregnant. If at any point you or your baby are uncomfortable, I will change up the pillowing system so that you can lay comfortably on your side through out the massage.

Receiving a massage while you are pregnant can help with relieving the mental and physical stress you experience while your body goes through a drastic change. If you experience edema and swelling in your lower extremities, massage will increase circulation, helping to decrease the swelling. Having a massage also helps with alleviating stress on weight-bearing joints as well as offing a drug free alternative for pain relief.

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