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With summer holidays officially ended, we immediately return to our hectic lives. For many of us we pack it full of things we don’t necessarily enjoy, making sure we get the most of each day. We want to feel like we have accomplished something and in turn give our life some meaning. It’s easy to do when you live in the outdoor enthusiasts’ dream Whistler can be. Planning each day so that every hour is filled,  made me a tired, angry, sad individual. Things that use to bring me joy, were no longer in my life, and instead I had replaced it with all the needs of others. I justified this by telling myself, “I’m happy when others are happy” .   Soon though,  people around me were picking up on my tired and negative energy. Friends were no longer happy in my presence, so I tried harder, which made me of course more tired. There was nothing left of me except an empty shell, mindlessly moving through the motions of life.  Something had to change. Thus here are a few life hacks that even though they are small, they made me feel more alive.

1) Restorative yoga or stretching before bed

This is my favourite thing.  It’s simple to implement with online yoga these days. I use the app DownDog. You choose how much time you have from 15 minutes up to 90, set your type of yoga to restorative and hit start. Completing  your bedtime routine, climbing into your PJs and then heading to your yoga mat is just the start. This is pure yoga freedom. No need for fancy yoga gear, no need to do your hair or makeup or worry about letting a fart loose in down dog. You are free in the comfort of your own home and anyone can find that 15 minutes before bed to find yourself each day.

2) 20 minute coffee ritual  

It doesn’t feel like much but this extra 20 minutes in the morning allows for a more gentle way to start the day without running out the door in a whirlwind. Even if you’re not a hot beverage enthusiast, still set your alarm for that extra 20 minutes, allowing for a slower start.

3) Monthly massage

It’s one hour a month I devote to my health. Even if I don’t feel like I have any particular aches,  I still go. That 60 minutes once a month, gives the time needed to decompress and just be present. Pre book a monthly massage every time you leave your therapist and then plan your life around that precious time  you’ve allowed yourself.

4) Gratitude Journal

List yourself three things each day that you are thankful for. I remember growing up and practicing this only at thanksgiving dinner but why is that? We have so much to be thankful for each day, even if it’s just having a hot shower or a cozy duvet, to being thankful for a soul in your life that gives you love and joy.

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