Benefits of massage therapy

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Therapeutic massage therapy can play an important role in your overall emotional and physical well being when added to a part of your health maintenance plan. Whether you seek massage therapy for relief from tight muscles, chronic pain or just to feel a moment of relaxation in our everyday hectic lives, you’ll soon notice the many benefits regular massage therapy offers.

  • increased circulation
  • increased lymph drainage
  • increased joint mobility
  • decreased stress
  • decreased muscle tension
  • decreased/elimination of pain

Massage therapy can also be used as part of a preventive health program. Regular massage can help injury prevention, sports training and ongoing stress relief, to name a few. You can seek massage therapy from your registered massage therapist in both acute and chronic conditions and your therapist will devise a treatment plan which is best suited for your individual needs, changing with your condition improvement.

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  • Cameron Bennett

    I like that you mention that therapeutic massages can also be great for helping prevent injury in sports. I like massages for the stress relief, but my sons just started his basketball season and I think he could benefit from having a sports massage to help keep him in good shape. They’re a great way to help keep yourself healthy.

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